What does D2L mean?

Desire2Learn Incorporated (D2L) was found by John Baker in 1999 (headquarters in Kitchener, ON). Actually, D2L has many branches around the world. (US, Australia, UK and Brazil). D2L is based on e-Learning Management Systems (LMS) which combines the state-of-the-art e-learning software platform with different predictive analytic techniques to support student efforts.

Likewise, D2L is able to integrate several e-learning platforms (K-12 to Enterprise) enriched with smart tools and resources needed for bringing flexibility and customized e-learning experience.

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2 thoughts on “What does D2L mean?

  1. Hello Alberto,
    When the U of C switched from BlackBoard to D2L, it wasn’t too hard to adjust to the learning platform. However, I have to say my biggest complaint was that it was impossible to select and print a series of posts or threads from the Discussion board. I’d get one page printed or a bunch of blank pages. I finally had to copy and paste them into a Word document. I sent in queries to the D2L community, only to be told that since I’m not faculty, that I couldn’t join the Community, and that essentially I would just have to suck it up. Yet, as an end user, and the person who is ultimately paying for this LMS, I felt my opinion should be heard.
    I haven’t had to print threads or posts since that class, but I hope that this issue is something that D2L resolves. I mean, really, not being able to print?
    Just saying….


  2. The changes D2L had been through over the years is quite impressive. I am definitely glad that the U of C switched over from Blackboard, I think D2L is much easier to use and navigate without help!


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